Sunday – Ministering to the Locals

It is Sunday – Ministering to the Locals

April 8, 2012 Sunday. Good service today: mostly scripture, testimonies and two prophecies. One of the ladies, Marsha, that has been here for 20 years gave a part of her testimony that highlighted the fact that she was 50 years old living in the occult with severe allergies to the point of chemical sensitivity. She gave her heart to the Lord via phone ministry with Pleasant Valley Church staff. She came to GA and lived, was delivered and grew in the Lord. She stayed and is one of the minsters on staff currently.

The service is informal and true to the Word of God. Worship begins and continues until it is finished. Today that was about an hour. During that time people join on the wings left and right. They are called upon by the worship leader or Pastor Henry when he is present. The left side of the church is reserved for those that are seeking to know the Lord as their personal Savior. Everything stops if someone sits on the left side (as we face the pulpit). That person is hear, prayed for and we all are a part and are Blessed. The right side contains chairs for those persons that have a Word to share, have a song to share, have a confession and seek guidance and prayer or have a scripture to read.

This format is led by Holy Spirit, is in line with Scripture and is a starting point for many of Pastor Henry’s teachings for the day. This was no exception. Pastor Henry began speaking and asking us for participation on what body part we were. He preached on each part as it was mentioned tying it all together as the Body of Christ. It is new, fresh, on time, appropriate, well delivered and well received and used in every case. Clearly led by Holy Spirit. Not a prepared ‘speach’ but what the body hungers. I Praise Father God for the opportunity to be a part.

We shared a meal after; I made the southern pea salad I learned about at the McDill AFB RV Park in Lakeland, Florida. It was a huge hit. Many people came to me to tell me how good it was once the word got around that I made it. I was thrilled as I had made a huge salad; and, it was completely gone with the exception of one small bowl. I had two helpings!! There was so much food you cannot even imagine. Turkey, ham, casseroles, pizza, etc. etc. etc.  Typical southern way, mine was the ONLY salad.

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