Ministry Internship At Be In Health in Georgia

The Internship Begins

April 2, 2012 Monday, Day 1 of Internship at Be In Health.

This is an introduction day and focuses on understanding where the evil comes from, the beginning all the way to current. And the power we have been given in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by Father God through the power of Holy Spirit to overcome, to discern and to deal with effectively and permanently. They were taught the evil will come back and if we have an open door they will again have a right. They learned about our memories’ and programming that can keep us in bondage.

April 3, 2012 Tuesday Day 2 of Internship at Be In Health

The attendees are beginning to ‘get it’. They are discovering that all their years of teaching in Sunday school, Bible studies, sermons, etc. were not explaining or exploring the whole truth. That the things that come out of us that are evil are not us but the evil living within us. They are becoming free in the truth of exactly all that Jesus did on the cross that provided them with forgiveness of sins and equally importantly the means to overcome evil in their lives. AND that evil does not come from without but from within us.  Satan has a right to enter with his evil principalities’ and team when we have an open door. Each person is learning about potential open doors, door points, and unresolved sin in their lives and deliverance is happening.

Today the teachers dealt specifically with door points, accusations and bitterness. These teachings include all the underlings as well. Then a time of group ministry. The participants had done their homework and studied the lists of characteristics, diseases, etc. that are related to the work of the principalities’. The ministry was life changing for everyone and only 2 had any physical reaction that required dealing with.  Praise God!

April 4, 2012 Wednesday Day 3 of Internship at Be In Health Today started with the Occult which is a very enlightening teaching followed by ministry. The students have, in every case, for each evil spirit done homework where they have asked father Gd to show them where on a list of things they have participated with evil in their lives. Particularity if it is habitual. In some cases Father God shows them othr areas in the same vain, but usually the list if fairly complete. The  same format was followed for the remainder of the day to included spirits of

April 5, 2012 Thursday Day 4 of Internship at Be In Health This was a glorious day. The students studied the Unloving spirit and spirit of fear which includes anti-Christ and self-pity. Then Pastor Henry taught via DVD on How we are to go out and minister and what real evangelism looks like. Awesome day. Then….. we had baptism service for those that wanted to participate. Last night Jim Faulkner of Be in Health taught on true water baptism.

We had a class of 33 and 18 of them were baptized tonight! 9 of them rededicated their lives to Christ. All had received Christ as Savior years before but had walked in sin, had diseases and issues such as depression, fear, unloving, etc. When they came to realize it was not their fault, that it was the evil living within them and that they had power over the evil in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth through the Power of Holy Spirit, they were free to serve Father God and a new and exciting way.

Three couples were baptized as couples and each gave their testimony. One had been a Christian for many many years but developed ms and other issues out of cohabitating with evil. Of course, the evil was unknown to her during these years as she had never been taught truth, discernment and deliverance. This is not shadow boxing, this is true freedom! It is not always instant and in fact usually requires walk out. But, walkout is such a glorious part as well. Drawing closer to Father God and learning to trust totally and not be moved by what others want, say or do. Renouncing fear of man, fear of thousands of other things of which many affect us subtly. Thank you father God for loving us, sending Your Son for us and leaving us Holy Spirit to help us. Thank you for the Bible, a complete guide for living.

April 6, 2012 Friday Day 5 of Internship at Be In Health Just prior to healing profiles ministry we listened to and sang For Every Mountain by Kurt Carr

“For Every Mountain you’ve brought me over, all I can say is Hallelujah, For this I Praise You.”  American Idol is great but… This was worship!

The students learned they are to come with hope to the Father. Have a desire for God to meet you and to heal your hurt. It was a time to release all hurts, desires, etc. and not try to figure it out. Be in relationship with Father God, the Word and Holy Spirit. In His perfect timing the healing and deliverance will come. There may be more layers that have to go before a full victory. So be patient and walking as Father God is with us as we walk through the process.  Holy Spirit is the member of the Godhead that is on earth here with us. This is walkout with all the support we could ask for. It is not like cramming for a test and then after acing it forgetting all about the material. We are to be patient and let Father God Teach us. (Psalm 103:3). As we get rid of inherited thoughts and genetic code. Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;

2200 on Friday night. Just back to my room at the Crestview Inn after a celebration church service at Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, GA. We worshiped with A Mighty Fortress is our God (, A great song about freedom and heard and shared the joy of God’s work from many persons who just finished For My Life and For Their Life. One woman from Canada said “I did not know I could be free. I have attended many churches and while they read scripture it is like a surface reading. I do not mean to be critical but coming here I really heard, learned and am free as you all taught fully from scripture and with understanding and full implementation as Father God intended. Thank you!  I am tempted to renounce my Canadian citizenship and move to Thomaston just so I can fellowship with this body. I now know I will discern “yucky pucky’s” and get rid of them in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by the Power of Holy Spirit.”

We danced to the Lord, we joined the choir at the front of the church and sang and did the motions for “Shake Yourself Loose” (, and sang and celebrated with numerous people running and shouting for the Lord. One couple running around the sanctuary is a miracle. She has MS, was in strong bitterness, had renounced her faith and she and her husband were not happy together even though the marriage was a long one. She testified during baptism as they were baptized together on Thursday night and tonight she was running.  She could hardly walk all week.  PRAISE GOD!!

I am NOT tired and it is nearly midnight!!  I am FREE!!

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